5 Reasons to Attend Lectures Outside of the Classroom

Lectures, right….. are these people really going to write about lectures? Yep…after all, it is an out-of-classroom experience and what you hear or see might confirm or alter the direction of your life.

1. Gain new insight. UM brings accomplished scholars, executives, authors, artists, community leaders and many others to share their story with you.

2. Network. This speaker could be a door into your future.Connect with people who are doing what you want to do.

3. Gain unique experience through the stories of others.

4. Discover a new interest. Who knew you would love gazing at the stars through a telescope after that lecture.

5. Discover how others found their way in this world and created meaningful change in our world. You might be inspired to change the world yourself.

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IE3 Global Internships

As a college student, you’ve probably thought about going abroad, but might be unsure about how to proceed forward. Students at UM go abroad through international internships, volunteering, field experiences, studying abroad, research and faculty-directed programs. We thought we’d share info on one of these options… International Internships.  UM partners with a great program called, IE3 Global Internships. They help connect students to internship experiences abroad; that means they provide internship placement, pre-departure orientation, international health insurance, and an IE3 contact at the location you will be interning. Interning abroad is a great way to grow personally, both professionally and cross-culturally, integrate your academic experience into professional practice, and develop global competencies that employers seek.

So where to start: Explore IE3’s site and see where in the world you would like to go, and also what type of internships are available. Next, set up an appointment with UM’s International Internship coordinator, Kevin Hood, to find out more about this experience. He can also help you with scholarships to help you go abroad, information on other international internship programs, connections to other students who have interned abroad, where it’s safe to go, and many other questions you might have.

Whether you want to work in London at a media studio or work in South Africa’s medical institutions, IE3 is a great resource that can help you connect to an experience that is right for you. Start planning a good year in advance for any abroad experience. For more information on IE3 Global Internships or question regarding working,interning ,or volunteering abroad, contact Kevin Hood at Kevin.Hood@umontana.edu or call 406-243-4613.

UM student, Rachael Schmoker, participated in an IE3 International Internship in Capetown, South Africa. Listen to her story and read her blog!

Rachael Schmoker  IE3 International intern in Cape Town, South Africa.

IE3 International intern in Cape Town, South Africa.



This Thing Called #Twitter (and other social media, too)

Confessions of a Young Professional

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; I am posting so soon after my last blog because I am now officially addicted to blogging. In other news, I have also began the process of mastering Twitter

If you have been following/reading my past few posts you know that I have been struggling to get an internship for this upcoming summer. As such I have been motivated to hunker down and send out applications, a mundane process to say the least. That is until I happened upon an application that wanted me to compose an interesting tweet. And I’ve never been the same (just kidding). So in order to increase my chances of getting noticed, not only did I put my tweet in the application, yet I tweeted it directly to the company. And mere hours later, I was retweeted and asked for an interview! Not only was this exciting…

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The 5 W’s of LinkedIn Keywords

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The 5 W’s of LinkedIn Keywords

By Donna Van Derveer


YOU, of course. When others view your LinkedIn profile, a box displaying your profile highlights fills the screen. This is your chance to make a good impression. Therefore, the information in your profile should be complete, current and optimized by using keywords.


A keyword is a tool for scanning large volumes of information quickly to identify specific data to target. Recruiters use these keywords to search for viable job candidates. When a recruiter searches by a certain keyword, LinkedIn analyzes every profile to find that matching word.Therefore, using keywords is an absolute necessity if you want to pop up in search results.


You should start implementing keywords into your social media platform as soon as possible. Include strategic keywords when you first create your LinkedIn profile and update them as your experience and qualifications change. You…

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What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Say About You?

By Donna Van Derveer


Did you know LinkedIn profiles with pictures attract 50-70 percent more inquiries than profiles without pictures? And, according to Forbes, LinkedIn profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be clicked on than profiles without photos. If you’re on LinkedIn to get noticed and make professional connections, a quality professional photo is a must. You can get the most out of your LinkedIn profile by following simple picture guidelines.

 Keep it Professional: LinkedIn is NOT Facebook

  • Your photo should be a clear, close, front-facing shot where you look friendly and attentive.
  • Photos should be current as there are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the profile photo is from 10 years ago (or longer)! If you are concerned about age discrimination, ask the photographer to capture your more youthful…

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Why Should I be on LinkedIn? Part II

By Donna Van Derveer


Join groups
Joining groups on LinkedIn helps you stay in touch with former or current organizations, find people with similar interests, and participate in a professional online community. Being a part of a group extends your network, increases profile visibility, and promotes your brand. You can also stay in touch with alumni and past colleagues.

It’s who you know: Network, Network, Network
Do not wait until you graduate to begin networking. By making early connections with professors, classmates and alumni, you can start to build a network that will prove valuable both during and after college. Students often meet professionals at networking events and are asked to contact them after graduation. With LinkedIn you can request a connection to ensure they remember you and stay in touch.
Prepare for internship or job interviews
In an interview, you are…

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