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The mission of Academic Enrichment (AE) is to promote, increase, and enhance academic enrichment opportunities for students to increase student success in the classroom and beyond; track, report, and assess these activities for use by faculty and administrators; and provide greater coordination and support of academic enrichment opportunities for departments and activities that sometimes function independently of one another.


Academic Enrichment’s vision is for students to find it very easy to find and obtain information and referrals about academic enrichment opportunities, for healthy cooperation and coordination among all campus entities to work together to increase the depth and breadth of opportunities available to students, and for easy access by administrators and others to historical data regarding student participation in academic enrichment activities.  Ultimately, all of this will result in students who are highly prepared, competent, and competitive in a global economy.

About Academic Enrichment

The University of Montana offers a wide variety of academic enrichment opportunities for students including civic engagement, internships, study abroad, and undergraduate research and creative activity.  These programs have a positive impact on new student recruitment, retention, student success (graduation rate), and improved post-graduate career opportunities. The mission of Academic Enrichment is to promote, increase, and enhance academic enrichment opportunities for students and to track, report, and assess these activities for campus as a whole. AE fosters communication and cooperation among academic departments and academic enrichment programs to ensure that all students have opportunities to become engaged in out-of-classroom learning activities. These unique educational experiences help students realize their potential and ultimately lead to education for a global century. Primary academic enrichment programs at The University of Montana include:

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT | Office for Civic Engagement | DHC 015| http://www.dhc.umt.edu/oce/| 243-4442

CivicVolunteer Engagement for students is a terrific way for them to simultaneously pursue passions and interests, meet educational goals, and make a meaningful difference to their community. Volunteerism, service learning, and national service provide excellent opportunities to work closely with nonprofit and public service organizations helping to meet community needs, while developing professional skills and applying what they learn in the classroom to real world situations that have meaningful impacts for people.

Students offer unique talents that bring energy, creativity, and hope to individuals and organizations in our community every day. More than 2,000 UM students actively serve the Missoula community each year. Students may commit to one service project on a Saturday afternoon each semester, or multiple service hours weekly with a specific organization. Community engagement helps students become familiar with career fields, gain job experience, network with professionals, and build their resume.  The Office for Civic Engagement is your resource to connect to meaningful service opportunities right here in our community.

INTERNSHIPS | Internship Services | Lommasson 154 | http://www.umt.edu/internships/| 243-2815Lolo Internship

Internships allow students to enrich their academics, fill their resume with experience, triumph over other applicants, and advance their career. Internship students apply concepts learned in the classroom to professional settings that help them better understand and speak knowledgeably of their field. Internships are pre-professional experiences that let students “test drive” careers, network in professional communities, and establish mentorship’s with professionals who may become their colleagues.

Interns learn to work in diverse teams, think critically, perform with integrity, communicate professionally, and balance time and work with life. Tasks assigned help them gain a “real world” perspective, job skills, and initial introductions to their field’s culture and etiquette. Students who complete internships, seek career paths with confidence. Internships are paid and/or volunteer and offer up to six academic credits toward graduation requirements.  After interning, students have time to adjust their academic and career goals accordingly. Most students who complete internships achieve renewed academic motivation, improved self-confidence, expanded work skills, broader industry knowledge, and a network of colleagues. Employers often use internships as screening devices for hiring top-notch entry-level talent.

STUDY ABROAD |International Programs | International Center |http://www.umt.edu/ip/studyabroad/| 243-2288

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is more than being a tourist, it is one of the most exciting experiences students can have while at The University of Montana, and there are many opportunities to choose from.  Students can increase their understanding of other cultures and learn or improve a second language while earning academic credits toward their degree.  Most scholarships and student loans may be applied to study abroad opportunities offered in 58 different countries through three different UM-sponsored programs: Partner University Exchange, International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), and Faculty-Directed Programs.

Students can spend a semester or year abroad at one of 57 exchange partner institutions, while continuing to pay tuition and fees to UM. Some partner universities offer a “Study Abroad” program, where students pay a discounted tuition rate to the host university, rather than to UM; currently, this option is available in Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Room and board are usually paid to the foreign university.

UM is a member of ISEP, which allows students to spend a semester, year, or summer abroad at one of ISEP’s 172 member institutions in 54 foreign countries. ISEP offers reciprocal exchanges in which UM students pay tuition, room and board at UM, yet attend an ISEP member institution abroad. This creates a space for an international student to attend UM. To participate in ISEP-Direct programs, students generally pay a program fee covering tuition, room and board through UM to ISEP.

Through UM’s Faculty-Directed Programs, student groups led by UM professors explore the cultures, languages, literatures, and history of other countries, earning credits toward their degrees at UM.

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH AND CREATIVE SCHOLARSHIP| DHC Main Office |http://www.dhc.umt.edu/ugresearch/| 243-2541

Student researching bug

The University of Montana provides abundant and varied resources for undergraduate students and their faculty mentors to pursue undergraduate research and creative scholarship. Many opportunities are available for students to participate in research. The Undergraduate Research website offers information on scholarships, research opportunities, and departments offering research courses.

Every year, over 100 UM students present their research and creative scholarship at the annual University of Montana Conference on Undergraduate Research (UMCUR) which meets in mid-April and is free and open to the public. The call for papers and online submission forms can be found on our website, as well as links to information on how to conduct research in various disciplines and on best practices for presenting your research. One superb feature is a PowerPoint template for making professional posters.

Students seeking engagement in undergraduate research and creative activities and scholarships are welcome to drop by the Davidson Honors College (DHC) – no appointment is needed, students may just walk into the DHC main office and say, “I would like to discuss undergraduate research opportunities.”  We will set up an appointment for students to talk with a DHC academic advisor or the DHC Dean.


In addition to the programs summarized above, students are encouraged to participate in other academic enrichment opportunities, including:

Field Experience

National Student Exchange
An affordable and practical opportunity to experience new and diverse settings in which to study and live. An exchange within the U.S. and Canada can be just as exhilarating and culturally enriching as international student.

Peace Corps Prep Program
Earn a Peace Corps certificate through participation in the international development studies minor in UM’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Student Leadership Development
Experience leadership opportunities on campus and in the community.

Conferences and lectures offer a great opportunity to discover new ideas and perhaps even a new path for yourself.

Independent Study offers you the opportunity to research a topic of your choice.

Scholarships are available to help you participate in Academic Enrichment experiences.


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